A massage therapy practice can be rewarding, but also a bit isolating. Having a supervision group or getting one to one support by a seasoned professional in the field can keep you grounded, thoughtful, and connected to what you are truly wanting for yourself and your practice.

Do you feel out of the loop in regards to what the profession is doing? Do you want to have a place to be supported as you describe specific issues that have arisen in a session and want to be encouraged to find your own, most authentic response to these issues? Are you wanting to make some decisions about your next steps in your life or your practice and need help in finding your own way? Need help getting more clarity as to where you really want to go professionally and personally?


Finding our own words by connecting in with the bodily felt knowing to find the next steps forward!

Let me offer you a place to connect openly and freely to yourself so that you might find what the right next step is for you.

One to one sessions

Maybe you are dealing with something particularly painful, embarrassing or uncomfortable to share in a group. You want to find someone who will be able to see all of you, while you are dealing with a particularly difficult issue or feeling. You might also feel that extra time would feel really helpful, so that you can explore what is going on for you more deeply and be fully heard from this place. A place where you can find out more about whatever is keeping you from feeling your full and vibrant self. One on one sessions could be the right support for you.

Supervision groups

You might also be working on a project, whether it be developing a new skill, opening a new practice, becoming a sole proprietor or changing your career altogether. You might wonder, ‘Am I missing anything? Am I making the right decisions? Are my various feelings about this whole process something I need to be worried about? Is the universe telling me something I am not hearing?’ A supervision group is a great place to explore this with other practitioners. These groups do not center on giving advice. Rather, they are places to share your own experiences, wants and obstacles, and then be encouraged to find your own personal next steps.

Supervision groups are offered in weekly phone meetings for five weeks.

Please visit the price list page for further information. Looking forward to connecting with you!