Price List

One to One Sessions

Integrative, private sessions using Focusing and bodywork are 90 minutes long at $125


Taking the time to connect to your own life, calling you forward…


One to one mentoring is offered to you by phone/Skype/Facetime,  or in my office. I believe the best way I can support you is by seeing you consistently, so I offer your mentoring in a three session package for $280.

If you desire further time, I offer continuing mentoring sessions for $80.

Mentoring can also be shared with one or two other peers with the rate split between each participant.

If you are signed up through Focusing Resources as a certified trainer-in-training, welcome! I offer co-mentoring through this resource, so do find out more about Ann Weiser Cornell’s certification program at:


I offer five week supervision classes in person and by phone, tailoring each class to the needs of the participants. Supervision is different than mentoring, in that there may be more participants than a mentorship. Each five week module is $105 per student.

Tele-classes and Workshops in The Dialogue of Touch

Do check my classes tab for workshops and tele-classes pricing. Hope to see you! You may also find my classes at the Trillium Institute website, Thanks for checking in!