“Healing is what happens, not what we do”

-Dora Kunz


Show us a sign!

Show us a sign 

There is so much to know about one’s body and its invitation to access a deeper knowing of ourselves. This journey of knowing, this beginning of a relationship with our inner awareness, we find  intimate understanding of exactly why we feel what we feel. And we come to understand how life unfolds within us, releasing all that is no longer needing to be held, so as to make room for the next thing to know about. Through deep listening to the body and the body’s awareness, we can find these places of knowing together and explore all that your body might be holding.

When turning inward in an open, curious way, we connect to the larger conversations happening in our bodies. We sense the flow of life and also the places that might be stagnant, stuck or in need of our care and attention. We hear the messages from our body that something is not right, that there is another right way forward other than what is currently known.

Using bodywork and Focusing, I teach you how to be with your body in this way, to begin this relationship within yourself to find your own way forward in to an enriching, full, embodied life.