I offer in-person workshops and tele-classes for anyone  interested in learning how to integrate the lessons of the body, and in particular, those who are working in, or actively using someone in, the healing professions, such as massage therapists, physical therapists, compassionate touch practitioners, nurses, etc. In the course you will learn how to use deep listening and presence language to attend fully to what the body is communicating, using this practice for your own knowing and to hold

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space for another to do the same. The classes offer a place of personal growth and understanding of one’s own body. These workshops are broken down in to four levels, so that you have plenty of time to take what you have learned from the previous weekend and integrate it in to your self practice.

How would I benefit from these classes?

The classes are designed to give you two things. First, you will be able to know yourself and what might be going on for you in any situation, particularly in a session with a client or during your own bodywork sessions as a client. Why might you be feeling the way you do? What do you do with it? Or not do with it? Is it even relevant? The answer is yes, and that these interactions within you are informing your work. We make these interactions conscious so that your feelings are included yet not directing your responses and this happens by staying friendly to this new awareness. You will find new insight and information, relevant to what you are experiencing in the moment. You deepen your relationship to your own self while in the therapeutic relationship you offer to your clients. As client, you sink in to the rich conversation that is going on in you, embodied.

The second benefit is that you learn and integrate dialogue into the session that supports your personal process, and the process with each client, to make contact and deepen the relationship with the body. When emotions, difficulty or personal conflict within the client’s body arise in your session, you will have the tools to support your client into this new insight. You will know how to companion them where the body is offering new awareness, instead of leading them to a place they might not want to go. What feels like a natural, healing and integrative process that is happening to your client CAN be nourished by your presence and reflection of what is happening in the moment. As client, this dialogue becomes a natural conversation that deepens your own self Knowing, offering you insight, integration and a strong inner relationship.

Spring benefitting from the still of winter

Spring benefitting from the still of winter

If something resonates in what you have been reading so far,  I invite you to come take the first class from the course. Read on for descriptions of each of the four levels of classes, each building on the previous skills learned:

Level One:

Encountering the Inner Relationship

This first class focuses on you, learning how to make contact with an inner awareness through bodily felt sensing, connecting to what comes from this inner awareness through learning Presence and listening, and then carrying forward what you find from this inside place.

Entering in to the Inner Relationship

Entering in to the Inner Relationship

Stage One: Presence

 Cultivating presence sets the stage for us to turn inward. Learn how to do this in many ways, using hands-on skills

Stage Two: Sensing and Describing

Making contact with what you notice in a bodily felt way

Stage Three: Felt Sense and the Rest of the Conversation Coming 

Shifting back and forth with sensing and receiving…and noticing what comes

Stage Four: The Rhythm of Listening 

Tips for the complementary nature of using Focusing with a partner/client

Stage Five: What the Focuser Wants from the Companion

When changes are requested or when requesting something different in the Focusing session

(After this first Level One workshop, you will already have the tools to use this wonderful practice for yourself and with your clients or companions/partnerships! )

Level Two:

Accompanying the Inner Relationship

Cultivating Listening in Presence

Cultivating Listening in Presence

Taking the skills you learned from your first level, you begin fine tuning, noticing how your inner relating is supported further by learning facilitative language. You learn further skills for your own process, and begin using new ways to support someone else in coming in to this inner awareness.

Stage One: Presence and Acknowledging

Learning to settle in, slowing down in order to find the conversation within your inner awareness

Stage Two: The Edge

How to be with what is coming in you, when you find something that is ‘more than words’

Stage Three: Leading In

Guidelines to bringing someone in to the inner relationship

Stage Four: Advanced Listening

Using Presence language to accompany your client/Focusing partner

Stage Five: Six Recommendations

Guidelines to bring you back to your body for your own Focusing

(Prerequisite: Taking a Level One class from any certified Focusing teacher)

Level Three:

Supporting the Inner Relationship

Two men listening compassionately

Two men listening compassionately

You have the experiential knowledge of Presence, Presence language and leading someone in to a Focusing session. Level three introduces the five stages of a Focusing process and how to facilitate someone specifically from those stages. You also learn ways to guide people from the inner process to the end of the session in a comfortable, non-jarring way.

Stage One: The Principles of Reminding

Learning how to guide someone further in to their own Focusing process

Stage Two: Supporting Presence with Reminding

Four guiding suggestions to use during a session to support presence for your client/Focusing partner

Stage Three: The Bottle and Making Contact

The five stages of a Focusing session and how to know how to accompany your client/Focusing partner specifically for each of these stages

Stage Four: Deepening Contact

Honing our skills in the last two stages of the Focusing process

Stage Five: Endings and Positives

Learning how to lead a client/Focusing partner out of the session

Prerequisite: Taking a Level Two class from any certified Focusing teacher

Level Four:

Facilitating the Inner Relationship

Using Focusing during a bodywork session: The Dialogue of Touch

Using Focusing during a bodywork session: The Dialogue of Touch

This fourth level teaches you advanced skills on how to facilitate someone else’s inner process when more complex dynamics arise. You learn about the feeling about the feeling and how to skillfully accompany someone who has something blocking the inner process. This includes learning about the ‘bad guy,’ critic, and other parts that come. We also begin to hone our skills as a touch based space holder for Presence. We will use massage tables or set up chairs to offer a reclined position.

Stage One: The Feeling about the Feeling

Learning how to accompany the Focusing process when there is more than one feeling that comes about the situation

Stage Two: The Bad Guy

How to facilitate contact with something feels like it’s blocking the process

Stage Three: Feeling ”Nothing”

Learning how to be help the client/Focusing partner be with something that feels like nothing

Stage Four: Other Blocks

Being with parts that come who are shy, hiding, not wanting, etc.

Stage Five: The Critic

Learning how to identify and find what is offered in the critic that comes

Prerequisite: Taking a Level Three class from any certified Focusing teacher

Come to connect with yourself and others through the wisdom of the body

Come to connect with yourself and others through the wisdom of the body

To Register:

Join us in this experiential workshop and explore a wonderful way to communicate with your own body, and help your clients/Focusing partners do the same. Join other healing professionals who are moved to discover and skillfully integrate fresh approaches to the body as a living process.

Cost: Weekend workshop: $225/or $112.50 each, when bringing someone with you

Cost: Five week tele-class: $175

Cost includes a one-on-one Focusing session by phone or in person prior to the first class. You will find out if Focusing is right for you by getting a session for yourself! A one-on-one Focusing session is a pre-requisite for taking the Level One Focusing, but you can take it from any certified Focusing professional, or trainer-in-training. Ask me for more details if you would like to know more.

Cancellation policy: Refund given when canceling no less than one week before the first scheduled class, minus $100 for the first time Focusing session, if you have received one from me prior to class. This includes the $30 administration fee. If there was no Focusing session, a full refund is given, minus the $30 administration fee. This applies to all the other Focusing Level classes, Dialogue of Touch workshops and intensives.

Discount available if you bring a friend with you to take the class. Focusing is a practice, therefore the effectiveness of your sessions relies on the time you put in to it. Having a friend along to become a partner in learning is a great way to guarantee your success and this is one way I can support you in that success! This discount applies to in-person workshops.

Time: Each level is a five week phone course conveniently offered in the evenings for two hours each class. Weekend workshops are over two days, usually from 9am until 4pm. Do call for details!

When: Next Level One class starts in September, 2013, as an in-person class on Whidbey Island, Washington. Do call or email me for more information.

Register: By phone or email: 360.221.8415 or

Is it time for you to turn inward and check in about how life is going for you?

This course of workshops supports and encourages your already integrated knowledge about the mind/body relationship, whether it be knowledge learned from your personal self care practice or through your experiential knowledge. Your knowing is honored and respected.

Eugene Gendlin, the philosopher, therapist and developer of Focusing

Eugene Gendlin, the philosopher, therapist and developer of Focusinglearned from your clinical experience. This course is a synthesis of bodywork and something called Focusing, developed by psychologist and philosopher, Eugene Gendlin.  Focusing is a body oriented, introspective process using one’s self awareness and body sensing. It is already integrated into other fields such as psychotherapy, non-violent communication and work with children, to name a few. To learn more about Gene Gendlin and his pioneering work called Focusing, please go to:

Including touch in the Focusing practice offers something quite profound. When your client/Focusing partner attends to his or her inner awareness, taught in this class, you, the therapist, can feel a physical change in the body as the client/partner comes into this inner awareness. This exciting connection allows you to attend to him or her in inner process and feel when change is occurring.

Still don’t know if this class is right for your particular profession? Please do call or email me so that I can answer whatever questions you may have. I am here to help!