I’ve Moved but I’m Still Here!


From uhaulstory.com, and the story of my move…

My practice has moved! After a million years, I have moved out of my dear office suite and have moved north. They say north is the place of mystery and now I live there! Hello, mystery!

Here is my new office address: 1019 21st St. Anacortes, WA. 98221

Now, if you are a Facebook friend, you may have noticed that I have a fundraiser happening through Together Rising, to raise money to keep great lawyers working on bringing the children back to their families who are at the border. I’m doing this so I don’t do ‘irrational’ things, like drive down to Arizona, pick up all the children who are without their parents, and hand deliver them myself. Staying active during this personal and cultural trauma happening is the only way we will move towards healing and not get stuck in the horror. Doing a fundraiser, for now, will suffice. I mention this because I’m GIVING AWAY MASSAGES EVERY WEDNESDAY THROUGH AUGUST. All you have to do is donate to my fundraiser. I find this to be a win-win for all of us. It gives me something to do with my hands besides wringing them. And, if you are like most of the people living around you, YOU COULD USE A MASSAGE.

But I’m far away from my dear clients on Whidbey! And those here in Anacortes don’t know me yet! What a great time to come see me then! A visit from an old Whidbey friend or meeting a new Anacortes client….get on in here!

I hope you’ll consider coming in and helping these children get home to their families at the same time. I look forward to seeing you. Questions? Just click the ‘contact me’ tab above and fill out the one time form. I’ll get your message right away! And thank you!

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