Bodywork and Focusing: A New Class

Bridging the Gap Between Bodywork and Focusing:

A New Class from Anastasia Brencick and Jack Blackburn

As teachers of Focusing and as bodywork practitioners we have each attempted to bring methods and principles of Focusing to bodyworkers so as to aid them with appropriate verbal interaction skills. In addition we have both presented various aspects of touch to International Focusing Conventions in the US, Europe, Canada, Argentina and Japan. Starting with the most recent International Focusing conference, (IFC), we are now bringing both groups together. There is so much each profession can learn from the other, especially when we can deepen our connection and similarities that are often buried underneath current ‘scope of practice’ beliefs.

How do we form a bridge between what we feel and what we feel. How can we support one another in following our own felt sense, our own guide of that inner rightness that reveals to us our true path?

Anastasia and Jack

Forming a Bridge between Bodywork and Focusing

Course Description: We are constructing a bridge between Bodyworkers and Focusers. Join us in this exciting enterprise, new insights guaranteed! Bodyworkers can add effective verbal skills to their sessions. Focusers can add touch as a way to monitor their clients’ somatic reactions in sessions. This is a rare opportunity for both groups to learn together and enter new depths of work with their clients. Receive the mutual benefits as both groups share together from our respective experiences.

Date: September 12-13, 2015

Time: 9 am to 6:00 pm CEUs: 16 Cost: $280,

2 weeks advance registration, $320 after
Sponsor: Jack Blackburn, Trillium Institute



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