Finding your Touchstone: A Body Centered Approach

A way to look at yourself, deeply. 

Entering in to the Inner Relationship

Entering in to the Inner Relationship

You have a body. And this body travels with you everywhere. Every situation you have experienced, every environment you have been in, every interaction, known or unknown, your body has been with you every step of the way. You think your thoughts, live your life, and still, this body is the physical manifesting of all that you have experienced. Think about that. It’s pretty amazing, because there is so much your body knows about because it picks up more information and perspectives that our conscious awareness doesn’t. But the information is there for you, and is probably wanting to share with you so that you can make better choices, see the whole of any situation, and know what you are truly wanting for yourself. So, we can turn towards this body and learn more about anything that you are wanting to know about yourself. The relationship formed from listening to your body and learning the language of your body, offers you so much more knowing than you previously had. Isn’t that exciting?

How the heck do we do that?

We do it by learning how to turn inward, with interested curiosity and listen to what is coming. We do this using something called Focusing…..

A traditional Focusing session

A traditional Focusing session

Focusing is a body oriented, introspective process using your inner awareness to find insight into any issue or problem that is hindering your ability to feel whole, centered, balanced, and joyful. It gives you direct access to your own embodied knowledge, offering  information about any situation that is not yet known. It takes you directly to the place within where you have a deep body knowing about a situation, uncovering something fresh, new and alive that was previously experienced as stagnant and unchanging. Focusing is a practice that allows the Focuser an opportunity to turn towards the stuck, painful, stagnant places to discover something profound and new.

As a social worker-turned-bodyworker, I have found that integrating this Focusing way of being with yourself, accompanied by a companion who uses a hands-on approach to his or her listening, offers gentle presence and support for you to deeply listen to yourself. This is what I teach you in this next workshop I am offering. I hope to see you!

This workshop:

  • introduces you step-by-step to Inner Relationship Focusing, a method that develops your ability to listen within yourself skillfully and compassionately, finding insight into problems so that your life can open and flow more fully.
  •  gives you tools for accessing deep bodily knowing, uncovering new information in what was previously experienced as stagnant and unchanging. You can shift what is stuck and find your next steps.
  •  uniquely offers a way to integrate touch into the Focusing process. You will learn how touch offers points of contact during your inner discoveries, presenting doorways to fresh communication and the recovery and sustaining of self in presence.  gives you practice as it introduces you to being both focuser and companion within a Focusing relationship, as well as developing a more trusting relationship with ourselves.

This workshop is for you if: Mindfulness

  • you are a body worker or massage therapist who is looking for ways to develop a new kind of dialogue with yourself and your clients.
  • you want a fun and experiential introduction to Inner Relationship Focusing.
  • you already have experience with Focusing and want to integrate touch into the process.
  • you are wanting more tools that support you in living an embodied life with your own inner wisdom as your guide.

Reading assignments and hands-on, touch-based practice strengthen your learning in this class. Learn all the details about this workshop and  others by clicking the classes tab. Welcome!

If you are a licensed massage practitioner, you will receive 16 hours of CE credit.

To sign up or to inquire about this class, email us at: or call 510-704-1478.

COST:  $225, or half-price with  friend.

Image of Dialogue of Touch with chest handholdFocusing is practiced everywhere! It is used in bodywork, writing, psychotherapy, meditation, and non-violent communication. These communities and others experience the dynamic inner relationship happening in body that supports new ways of knowing about yourself, your clients and your creative endeavors. Come learn with us!

Want to learn more? I am offering a free phone introduction class in December. Just email me and I will send you the call-in number. Easy! This one hour phone call will be on Monday, December 23rd at 7:30pm, PST.

About the teacher

IMG_0170Anastasia Brencick (MA 9346) Sharing what I know and learning from others are among the greatest parts of being a teacher. This Level 1 workshop gives you the tools to begin your own Focusing practice right away where we integrate Focusing and bodywork, called The Dialogue of Touch. DOT grew from my graduate school research at Lesley University and now I teach the Dialogue of Touch internationally to bodyworkers as well as to those who want to learn and deepen their own inner relationship. If you like this first Focusing workshop, come learn advanced skills in the next three in the series! Already know Focusing? I offer weekend intensives for bodyworkers who know Focusing and want more training in integrating this wonderful skill into their healing practice.

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